Why Timber Framing

To build a home is to build a future.

Each year a tiny sapling grows a ring of new branches. Reaching higher, growing stronger, removing magnificent amounts of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and binding it into its core. After 30 years, the mighty tree’s growth begins to slow, curbing its rate of carbon capture.

Only then is it harvested into strong, natural and beautiful timber, keeping the carbon locked up, even if the timber is eventually reused. And a new sapling is planted in its place, absorbing carbon dioxide at a much faster rate—picking up the baton to protect the air we all breathe.

So it isn’t just a piece of timber in the carpenter’s hand, in the timber framing of a home, it’s an environmental marvel.

It’s one of the world’s oldest resources, and it’s also where our future lies. As the most eco-friendly building material on Earth, timber framing is sustainable, renewable, non-toxic and organic.

It’s also carbon positive, which means the entire production process, from sapling to timber framing installation, removes more carbon dioxide than it emits. And that’s great news for our planet.

The more timber framing we use, the more sustainable forests we plant, preserving our home and playing an important part in the solution to climate change.

A new cycle of life. A new forest to create a brighter future for the next generation.

Let’s build a better world. Let’s build with Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™.

to build a home is to build a future