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WoodSolutions x Timber Framing Collective – The Benefits of Timber Framing Webinar Online Now

Are you a Frame and Truss Manufacturer looking to stay ahead of the curve? 
Are you up to date on timber framing supply? Do you want to explore the latest innovations and efficiencies in timber offsite prefabrication and panelisation?

Timber framing continues to shine as a leading choice for home construction, appealing to both consumers and builders alike. In today’s rapidly evolving construction landscape, it’s crucial to stay informed about the state of timber supply and fabrication processes.

The Timber Framing Collective has co-hosted a webinar session with WoodSolutions diving into these topics, providing the latest insights into the timber industry. 

WoodSolutions Webinars are for design and build professionals who want to learn how to optimise the benefits of wood and wood products.

This webinar: 
– Unpack the latest insights around timber framing use
– Keeps you informed about the latest advances and trends in the timber industry
– Explores how builder demand has fluctuated across Australia, both pre and post-pandemic

The webinar also explores free marketing resources made available by the Timber Framing Collective.
These resources are designed to empower you to communicate the benefits of timber framing effectively with your clients.

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