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Building a better world together, Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™ selected as finalist in AMI 2023 Marketing Awards

We are thrilled to share that our Let’s build a better world campaign has been selected as a finalist in the Sustainability Marketing category of the 2023 AMI Marketing Excellence Awards! 

This is well deserved recognition of the industry’s collective efforts in sharing timber framing’s story and raising awareness of its sustainable credentials. This result quite simply wouldn’t be possible without the passionate supporters and stakeholders across the entire supply chain, who have downloaded and shared the resources with their own vast networks.

Our goal has always been to put timber in the frame and to encourage Australians to choose the most eco-friendly framing material available. And to do this, we have successfully leveraged one of the industry’s greatest strengths – the tens of thousands of passionate advocates extending across the entire timber supply chain. From forestry and sawmill workers to fabricators, distributors and carpenters, you’ve come together to champion timber, and have contributed to building a better world.

The 2023 AMI Marketing Excellence Award results will be announced on 12th October and further details can be found here

The Timber Framing – The Ultimate RenewableTMResources continue to evolve and can be accessed here

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